Course Workbook: CGI Digital Painting – SCGI-2102

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15-Month Curriculum

This course is designed to give students a full range of digital art instruction which will provide the training needed to work at a professional level. With 30 classes students will learn software basics, deconstruction, value studies, lighting and shading, color theory, layers, storyboarding, anatomy, gesture drawing, perspective, and much more. Our students will also learn the professional side of dealing with clients, marketing, copyright law, and how to protect their work and reputation. Students will leave the New World School of Art with their very own portfolio which they will be proud the show to clients and Bethel.

Required Hardware/Software:

  • PC or Mac
    • Drawing tablet (Huion or Wacom brand, built-in screen is recommended)
    • Clip Studio Paint


  • iPad
    • Apple Pencil
    • Procreate App

You must already have experience using, and be comfortable with your digital tools and digital drawing program of choice. This is not an introduction to technology course. We want to make sure you’re ready for class!